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Has the thought ever crossed your mind … a little bit too small, maybe be a bit more? Or the worse case scenario a necessary cosmetic reconstruction.

Well, this is exactly where GDO tries to offer the latest technology in breast implants. On the one hand we try to make the implants safer by optimizing the production process and on the other hand we try to offer esthetically improved implants with more variety. Our technique even makes it affordable to create your personalized implant.

The moulds for the breast implants are provided to you as a product from our Tooling shop in Eygelshoven.

In contrast to the former moulds, which were fabricated from solid material, the new moulds are fabricated to be light and rigid.

Coated Implant 2 Coated Implant

With our long history in mould making, the design of the moulds have changed. To half shells are fabricated by deep-drawing the special stainless steel. Those two have shells are united to form the mould and are foreseen with a connector. The final assembled mould gets a surface treatment and is delivered with certificates.

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