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Cancer is a disease with many victims and research in this area is therefore a must. Research though, is only successful if one has the proper equipment and part of this equipment are the well-known microtiter plates.

The microtiter plates are used in laboratories for blood research, but also for determining the proper medicine for a cancer patient. You can probably imagine that every plate needs to be ready for use without contamination, 100% inspected and completely traceable.

GDO has developed a system that is capable of delivering this quality. The system as shown in the image below has been already implemented several times both in cleanroom ISO 7 and ISO 8. One of the systems was actually delivered with its own cleanroom class ISO 8.

Fully automated inspection and packaging line directly connected to the injection moulding machine. The ejection handling is done by a horizontal linear handling, developed by GDO. A custom made gripper for controlled removal from the mould onto a carrier.

The carrier transports the plates on a cooling track and to the first manual inspection position. Then, a pick and place unit positions the plates on an indexing table for further automated inspection, such as geometry inspection and high voltage check. The carriers are cleaned with ionized air and the product is placed on the second rotary indexer. Next station, the plate is labelled and the label is checked. Finally, the plates are stacked and packed in a sleeve.

Key words:

  • - Hi-Pot leakage test
  • - Alternative: pressure difference testing
  • - In-line manual inspection by operator
  • - In-line temperature control
  • - Alternative: In-line 100% camera inspection
  • - 12 seconds cycle time IMM (2 parts/cycle)
  • - 6 seconds cycle time machine (1 part/cycle)
  • - Inline Label printer
  • - Label content, quality and application inspection
  • - Horizontal ejection handling IMM developed by GDO
  • - Data storage and traceability

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