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Pressure tests are performed in all kinds of ways, accuracies and in all kinds of processes. Most of the products that have a seal, in any kind of way, need to be tested 100% at all times.

GDO integrates pressure test in their automated lines, like described in the project: microtiter plates.

  • - Flow measurement
  • - Pressure test
  • - High precision pressure test (Fröhlich, Bayer, Ateq, etc)
  • - Hi-Pot Test

This project specifically concerned the pressure test of a manual assembly line of minimal invasive delivery systems. Think of delivery systems for stents, coils, etc.

Pressure tester 1 Pressure tester 2

The machine consists of a docking station for the hubs of two Hypotubes. As soon as the hubs are places in the docking station and the lid is closed, they will automatically adapt.

On the other end, but on the same PLC control, the operator places the distal end of the Hypotubes in a clamp. This clamp seals the Hypotube, after which the pressure test can be started. As soon as the pressure tester gives a positive result, the clamped distal ends of the Hypotube get a nice and clean final cut.

An ideal system for a semi-automated inline 100% pressure test in a manual assembly line.

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