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Pills come and go in different shapes, colours and compositions. We are not allowed to tell more about the product, but check out the finishing of this machine.

The machine has been built for cleanroom class 500, has no dead areas and is completely made of stainless steel. Water sandblasted panels give the machine it’s clean look and makes it easy to clean. Bacteria don’t have chance.

This machine contains a high precision dosing system, which is moved along the cavities by a servo driven linear axis. Ten parallel nozzles dispense a certain fluid on a frozen mould.

Pill Fabrication mould

Frozen mould we mention. The mould is indeed frozen to a temperature between minus 120 and 180 degrees Celsius. An ingenious Nitrogen system keeps the mould stable at this temperature, without over-using liquid Nitrogen.

Of course the system is foreseen with all necessary safety features like the standard door locks and access limitations, but in addition it is also equipped with oxygen sensors.

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